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CyberKing could be used to refer to the command unit of aDreadnought-class ship or to the ship itself. The CyberKing was a huge bipedal walker operated by a living controller. These ships were used to front a Cybermaninvasion by crippling whole cities and upgrading their populations en masse.


One CyberKing was created by Cybus Cybermen in London in1851. The Tenth Doctor theorised that the end of the 2009 Dalek Invasion of Earth collapsed the walls of the Void, allowing the Cybermen to escape and travel back in time using a stolen Dalek Dimension Vault. Using child labour to generate electricity and produce the ship underneath the River Thames, Mercy Hartigan was made into the CyberKing. She refused to be cyber-converted, and instead used her mental powers to command the entire Cyberman army. The ship rose out of the Thames, with Miss Hartigan and several Cybermen controlling the machine inside the part of the vehicle shaped as a Cyberman mouthpiece, and rampaged across London. Using Jackson Lake's "TARDIS" and an improvised device made from Cyber infostamps, the Doctor severed the link between Hartigan and the Cybermen. The Cybermen and Miss Hartigan were killed in the process, and the CyberKing was transported into the vortex. (DW: The Next Doctor)

[1]The controller, Mercy Hartigan (DW: The Next Doctor)

It was later revealed that this event was not remembered by the people that witnessed it due to the Cracks, which could erase people and events from history. (DW: Flesh and Stone)

Due to the Eleventh Doctor negating the Time Field, this event was most likely restored. (DW: The Big Bang)


The CyberKing control unit was converted using a headset that connected the victim's mind to the CyberKing, changing their speech patterns and their eye colour throughout the process. Once the conversion was complete the controlling unit could operate the CyberKing's movements and in the case of Miss Hartigan could even take command of the Cybermen themselves. The CyberKing ship was a massive Cyberman-shaped walker, using its two legs to stride through the battlefield. It had a weapon attached to each arm; a laser blaster on its left arm, and a mortar launcher on its right arm. The head served as the command centre for the vehicle, while its body contained a large cyber-conversion unit, allowing it to transform organic life into new Cybermen. The Cyberking had some components similar to victorian machinery, to the extent that it appeared to be powered by steam engine, with smokestacks protruding from the shoulders. This suggests that the CyberKing was repaired by the Cybermen after exiting the void using the technology of the time (like the cybershades and the "engine" that started the CyberKing). If this is the case, it can not be determined how much of the CyberKing's features are shared with an original Dreadnought-class ship. (DW: The Next Doctor)